Failed to request licenses. Status code 0x97

기술노트 64962






2016-11-25 오후 1:59


When Activating, or requesting an Evaluation License, you get the following error message:

Failed to request licenses.
Could not get the right locking code.
Failed to get the machine ID for lock selection 0x2000.
No available machine id for specified lock selector. Status code 0x97.

The message means that the License Activation could not get the computer's UUID. To help us find the reason for this error, please download and run the UUID tools as described below.


Download the "UUID Tools" zip archive: UUID

Unzip the archive.

How to use the tools

  • Double-click on "wechoid-static_8_5_2.exe".
  • Double-click on "rundmidecode.bat".

Send output back

  1. Take a screenshot of the "Wechoid" window.
  2. Copy the contents of the "Dmidecode" Command Line Window, save to a text file.
  3. Send the files back to IAR Systems for examination, together with information on:
    1. Operating System (Win 7, Win 10 etc),
    2. Antivirus application you are using.

Confirmed solutions

  • Comodo Antivirus: If you are using Comodo Antivirus, make sure to disable "Behaviour Blocker", or add our installer to "Trusted Applications"
  • Microsoft System Centre Endpoint Protection 2012: Disable temporarily.
  • Possibly, the 0x97 problem may temporarily appear on laptop computers after wakening from stand-by or using a docking station/no docking station - the workaround should be to restart the computer.


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