IAR Diagnostic tool

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2016-11-25 오후 1:59


The toolwill only look up information relevant to troubleshooting installation and license management problems.

  • It will not collect any other information from the PC in question.
  • It will write the result to a .txt file which is in human readable form.
  • Thus you can study the contents before sending the information to IAR Systems.



  1. Download the tool from this link: IAR License Diagnostic tool.zip.
  2. Unzip the archive. (The licdiag.exe file is unpacked.)

Run the "licdiag.exe" tool

  • Run the licdiag.exe tool from the command line.
  • It will create a file named IAR_diagnostics.txt in the folder where licdiag.exe is located.
  • If running the tool by double-clicking it, (from the Explorer), there may be cases where the .txt file is created in another directory. That's why the tool should be run from the command line.

It is perfectly okay to run this tool several times. If the file IAR_diagnostics.txt already exists, the tool will append the new information to the .txt file.

Additional log file

There is one more file that needs to be sent to support. It is the file named lms.log. The .log file is found in the directory of : ...\Program Files\Common Files\IAR Systems\License

Send these two files to IAR Support

  1. The IAR_diagnostics.txt generated by this tool.
  2. The lms.log file generated by installations etc.

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