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When you use a version control system you need to have an understanding of which file types to version control.


To be able to restore an old version of a project:

  • Some file types must always be stored in the version control system.
  • Other types might be version controlled depending on your way of working.
  • Yet other file types never need to be version controlled, because such files are regenerated when needed.

Files that always must be version controlled

  • all source files
  • the project file (*.ewp)

Files that should be version controlled, if they are used in your project

  • customized linker configuration files (*.icf for ILINK *.xcl for XLINK)
  • customized board description files (*.board)
  • files used by the Custom Build and/or Build Actions options

Files that might be version controlled, depending on your way of working

  • the *.ewt file if you use C-STAT or C-RUN
  • the debugger settings file (*.ewd)
  • the workspace file (*.eww)

Files not designed for version control

  • files in the \settings\ directory are created automatically and updated frequently


The files you must version control are the files that are added to the workspace and any files added using project options (that is, files that replace the corresponding default files).

For further details, read the chapter File types in the menu Help > IDE Project Management and Building Guide. 

For more information about file types, choose Help > Content and read the information under IDE reference > Installed Files

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