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2018-02-28 오전 2:52


This tech note relates to an issue that can occur when using SimpliciTI from Texas Instruments.


IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 gives a message similar to

Error[e12]: Unable to open file 'C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 6.0\8051\config\< filename >.xcl'

when attempting to build a SimpliciTI project written for a specific (previous) version of IAR Embedded Workbench.

Possible solution

Locate the proper linker xcl-file and specify the appropriate location in project options.

Follow the link to a Texas Instruments FAQ-answer illustrating this.

Explanation and information

The problem is simply happening if the project uses a path for the .xcl file, where that path no longer exists on the current computer. That can happen after an override of the default files for the chip device. It can also happen if the project was made for an older version of IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 and the project is now opened in a newer version.

Read more about .xcl files in the IAR XLINK Linker manual (xlink.ENU.pdf) in your installation.


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