Multitasking in your embedded application


Jan 28, 2022

The recent surge in demand for electronics is forcing many companies to rethink their software development processes and strategy on the available MCUs and MPUs. Adding new features and capabilities to existing systems needs to be done primary in software. The issue is that most systems might already, at least apparently, be on the limit. Multitasking can help you!

Why multitasking?

Multitasking is the technique to allocate processing time between various duties the application must perform. It can bring some extra room with better use of the resources, better performance and improve the responsiveness over all. 

Keeping control of kernel and tasks

In our latest webinar we talked about how to keep control of the kernel and your tasks via the available debug capabilities. We demonstrate the value of multitasking to optimize the resources in the available MCU’s and MPU’s.

Watch our on-demand webinar to understand the basics and how determine when to use an RTOS, as well as learning the benefits that comes along from using it.

Watch webinar

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