Updated security solutions


Mar 24, 2022

Last week, we announced a major update of our security solutions. This includes version 2.0 of Embedded Trust which now included powerful capabilities of adding security into an existing application. It's an easy on-ramp of security you could say!

Embedded Trust is a security environment enabling you to deliver trustworthy IoT applications. Version 2.0 includes security capabilities that support production control for any application code. These capabilities ensure that existing applications can be managed securely and that the IP is protected. 

Haydn Povey, CEO of Secure Thingz, an IAR Systems company, commented:

“There is a huge number of companies who are challenged to add security to their applications but who cannot justify starting over their development project to add security from the start. Our new technology enables these companies to rapidly integrate security into their existing applications, no matter where they are in their lifecycle and the development tools they used to create their code.”

Explore security solutions

An overview of the available security solution is available at securethingz.com.

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