IAR Volume License Program

Who is IAR Volume License Program for?

IAR Volume License Program (VLP) is for all new or existing customers of IAR Systems

Five reasons to join the program:

  • Save money by reuse of already made investments
  • Simplify license administration
  • Ensure flexibility in multiple and/or time-critical projects
  • Extend use of software through portability between products and target processors
  • Protect your investment through extended technical support and customized training sessions

You enter the Volume License Program on any level by purchasing at least one new full license of IAR Embedded Workbench, and reach your VLP level by adding either purchase of new licenses or bring in active licenses on Support and Update Agreement.


Simple process to join the Volume License Program (VLP):

Step 1 – Review your current status

a) What, where and how many products does your organization have from IAR Systems?

b) Which processors do you need to support now and in the future?

c) What level of support and services do you need in order to succeed with your projects?

Step 2 - Discuss your alternatives

Together, we will find the alternative with the least effort and the highest value.

Step 3 - Decide on a plan

Determine on how to best implement, communicate and interact the chosen level of program.

Your IAR Systems’ contact will help you through the process - contact us to get started.

VLP tiers: Flexibility Portability Extend Standardize Customize
Number of licenses 5-9 10-19 20-34 35-49 50+
Discount on new license 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
Discount on Version upgrade when SUA* has expired  5%  10% 10%  20% 20%
Discount of Edition upgrade for full licenses from Limited and Baseline (valid SUA) 5% 10% 10%  20% 20%
Discount of Product Migration n/a 25%



Extended services and Priority Technical Support (PTS)       Yes


License subscription model for all products on supported MCUs


  Yes Yes
Customer-specific products and services agreement         Yes

*Support and Update Agreement

For further information, please contact IAR Systems locally or have a look at our FAQ.

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