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We are the Corporate Marketing team. Follow this blog to keep updated on upcoming trade shows, recent news, impressions from events, marketing material updates, and a lot more.

Vacation schedule Corporate Marketing 

AnnaMaria June 27 - August 1

Marie July 4 - August 8

Josefin July 8 - August 8

Tora July 12 - August 15

For urgent matters, please send an email to corporate.marketing@iar.com

Updated Marketing Material

Premium IoT Bundle

Together with Express Logic, we have launched our newest bundle offering.

The Premium IoT bundle: iar.com IoT Bundle landing page

Any questions regarding the sales activity and/or campaign offering please reach out to iot.bundle@iar.com

Have a nice summer! 

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Feel free to contact us at corporate.marketing@iar.com.


Copywriter and Media Relations

Focus on content planning and text, content creation, general messages, and media relations.


Global Marketing Manager

Focus on planning and strategies, product marketing, and messaging towards our customers.


Art Director and Investor Relations

Focus on marketing material, design, investor relations, and social media.


Web Director

Focus on iar.com, trade shows and events, and reaching our potential customers.

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