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December updates

December updates

Busy trade show times

October and November are busy times in regards of planning and participating in trade shows. 

Embedded Conference Scandinavia 

ECS on Nov 3-4 Kista, outside Stockholm, was a successful event with a lot of visitors in our booth. 

Martin Gisbert held a conference session about debugging which was very popular.

ARM TechCon

ARM TechCon in Santa Clara, CA (Nov 11-12) was well attended. As diamond sponsors, and with a brand new booth, IAR Systems was easy to find. 

Steve, Marie, Nicole, Anders and Ori making preparations in the new booth.

Shawn and Rafael gave lectures for two full days. The sessions were popular and many attendees stayed for several sessions. 

Marketing blast 

Within our Marketing blast project, we plan a number of activities to increase the flow of qualified leads. You have seen the first launches already, in the form of product bundle sendouts. More similar, and other completely different, activities will follow in the coming quarters. Stay tuned for more information!

Updates on IAR Connect

We're continuously adding information on IAR Connect. Don't miss to read the latest stories in our Hello world blog

New faces at our web agency Valtech

Claes Lovén is our new project manager at Valtech, and the developer Johanna Axelsson as also joined the team. You might have spotted them already in Kommandobryggan. 

Investor Events

We have participated in two investor events: Remium Kapitalmarknadsdagar and Aktiespararna Lysekil.

It's always fun to meet our shareholders and talk about the best company in the world: IAR Systems! 

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