Distributors' Guidelines

Distributor's Guidelines

As a distributor of IAR Systems products, there are some guidelines we need you to adhere to when marketing IAR Systems products. So, we've compiled the following marketing guidelines to help you understand what you can and can't do with regards to marketing. Please keep in mind that you still need our approval before publishing any text or image connected to IAR Systems products.

Use of IAR Systems' brand and imagery

All imagery used in IAR Systems' marketing materials and websites, including logos, iconography and photography, is the intellectual property of IAR Systems and cannot be copied or reproduced by distributors in any way. 


Use of IAR Systems' trademarks

All IAR Systems' trademarks are the intintellectual property of IAR Systems and must only be used correctly, according to IAR Systems trademark policy. 


Things you CAN do:

You can utilize content that we make available for you. Any available marketing resources will be listed on our support site and clearly identified as resources for resellers to use. You can use the concepts of our product sites as guides for your own site. In other words, you can shape your own site around how ours are shaped if you wish. 

Things you CAN'T do:

  • You can't copy our text word for word. This is bad for all of us as search engines will punish us all for the duplicate content.
  • You can't use our current site imagery, old images or any images. The imagery and templates we create are unique to our own product sites. 
  • Should you have any questions about whether your marketing implementation adheres to these guidelines, please contact us at 

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