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October/November updates

October/November updates

News and impressions

IAR Connect launched! Explore it at

We worked intensely together with Valtech to make the new IAR Connect page possible. Here is a picture from one of our meetings in front of the white board with the todo-list. Josefin, AnnaMaria, Edward, Mathias, Måns and Fernando say hi!

Being in marketing is also being a roadie. Here is Tora, packing boxes for Renesas DevCon.

The event took place the week of October 12, and we were really happy with the week! Renesas did a great job setting everything up. We had a bunch of interesting meetings with press and partners and meet customers at our booth as well as during our sessions. We also sponsored a very popular juice bar to boost the attendees energy levels for the afternoon seminars.

Stefan did a radio interview at Renesas DevCon! Listen to it here

Upcoming activities

New giveaway for upcoming events: brain games

As in September, we are promoting our breakfast seminars in several Swedish magazines during October.

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