Global Customer Survey 2022



We asked our customers worldwide what it is like to be a developer or engineer using solutions from IAR Systems. We are overwhelmed by the response rate and the number of written answers.

81,4% of the respondents rated the quality of our products and services as “good” or “very good”. The customer satisfaction index, CSI, scores 74,5, suggesting IAR Systems have "very satisfied customers“.

“It’s great to hear from our users, knowing our work is appreciated, but also hearing what we can improve. This year’s survey will certainly influence our roadmap”, says Anders Holmberg, Chief Technology Officer at IAR Systems.

IAR Systems selected an independent 3rd party research consultant, AQ Analys AB, to see through the 2022 global customer study. We invited approximately 4000 end-users globally to partake in the survey. A total of 232 respondents answered all +40 questions and generated over 300 written responses in free text.

The survey proves that developers mostly appreciate IAR Systems' recurring and frequent product updates, where new versions are being released to subscribing customers. Approximately 50% of all respondents listed this as the primary value of the relationship with IAR Systems. Second place in the same category named the broad range of devices that IAR Systems support, currently well beyond 15,000 from over 200 semiconductor partners globally.

“Much as we celebrate these great reviews, we also hear feedback from our customers regarding what is missing related to specific technologies and capabilities or other things that can improve the customer experience. We are still analyzing a large part of the written responses, however, we can already see several commonalities where we can improve value creation and customer experience. Once we have the plan to deliver a response, our customers will be the first to know. On behalf of IAR Systems, I want to thank all the respondents for taking the time to help us improve in delivering valuable and relevant solutions for engineers in the embedded development vertical" says Anders Holmberg.

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