Renesas Synergy is here!

Renesas Synergy is here!

We believe the embedded market is bound for a change. We are going through a constant technological evolution, leading towards more connectivity and globalized development teams. Combined with increased demands for more time-efficient, less costly projects, this trend drives the needs for complete solutions where the developer doesn’t have to worry about low-level design details and instead can focus completely on the application.

This is what we are hearing from our customers, and we are responding to these needs with easy-to-use, integrated and flexible development tools for IoT and other applications. Now, we are also adding another dimension to our offering by supplying our tools as part of the Renesas Synergy Platform. The complete, all-inclusive platform integrates qualified software with a new family of MCUs and an ecosystem of tools and support options into one scalable and secure platform. As the Renesas Synergy Platform is a fully integrated product and not a set of separately sourced software and hardware components, Renesas provides licensing and support for the platform.

What happens next?

Through 30 years we have developed a close relation to our customers, a community of approximately 150,000 users, and an ecosystem of partners and technologies consisting of more than 450 companies. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far, and we have absolutely no intention of leaving any of it behind us. We will continue to invest in our core technology of world-leading compiler and debugger tools, we will grow our strong device support of more than 10,000 devices from all major vendors, and we will continue to extend our offering with analysis and testing tools to simplify your daily work. However, we believe Renesas Synergy is a great match for many developers creating innovative products in the embedded space, particularly for the growing Internet of Things market.

The IoT revolution has already begun and connected devices will continue to revolutionize the world and the embedded market. As always, our focus is on you as a developer and your specific needs. We will continue to listen to our customers and you can count on us supporting your current needs, as well as the needs you will have in the future. There is more to come!

Stefan Skarin, CEO

Learn more about the Renesas Synergy Platform at our IAR Connect website

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