Licensing information

Find the license model that fits your needs

We offer licensing models for different organizational needs: Network, Mobile or PC-locked licenses.

Software products from IAR Systems are furnished under a license and may be used and copied only in accordance with the terms expressed in the software license.

Working in a development team?

The network license is convenient and cost efficient for a team of developers. It allows you to share a pool of licenses among a group of users over a network. While there is a limit on the number of concurrent users, the number of installed copies that can occupy a license is unlimited.

The network license is managed by a license server that is included in the delivery. New users can be added to an existing network license.

Working in a global development team?

For our customers with operations and development projects at several sites and in different countries, we offer geographical flexibility through Global Network Licenses. The ordinary Network License is restricted to one single geographical site, whereas a Global Network License provides the possibility to have users accessing the same network license from multiple sites globally.

Working alone at several locations?

A mobile license is a single user license that allows you to be flexible with your work location. It is locked to a USB dongle that you can bring with you and use with any PC anywhere, and works even if the PC is without network connection. Keeping the license on a dongle also protects your license from hardware failure.

Working at the same PC every time?

A PC-locked license is locked to a specific PC. It is a personal, single user license and can be used by having physical access to your PC. It also works if the PC is not connected to a network.

Third Party License Agreements

General agreements for all IAR Embedded Workbench products

Additional agreements for IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430

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