WEEE—Environmental Awareness

Programme for recycling electronical waste

IAR Systems follows the WEEE directives and have a programme for recycling electronical waste. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronical Equipment. We take responsibility for the entire product life cycles of our products, including their correct recycling and disposal. When you see the symbol below on our product packages, it means it has to be recycled as electronical waste. We offer to take care of and recycle hardware (like development boards and debug probes) you have bought from us.

We cooperate with Recycling Network Europe – RENE AG. The programme covers Europe and the regulations differ from country to country. For more information, please visit RENE AG Recycling Network Europe.

If you want us to recycle the electronical products bought from us, please send an e-mail to recycling@iar.com including your product name, quantity and contact information (your name, telephone, company and post address).

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