C-Trust – Security development tool


Protect your application and deliver secure, encrypted code!

As embedded applications require additional security and companies try to meet the ongoing changes in IoT device legislations, there is a growing need to both protect the Intellectual Property (IP) and to ensure that product integrity is not compromised by counterfeiting and cloning during production. C-Trust works as an extension to the development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench and enables developers to easily protect an exisiting or new application, without having to master the deeper complexities of security, through the use of innovative Security Context Profiles.

A Security Context Profile defines the configuration of the trusted execution environment by describing the security environment that is required to protect an application. The properties of the Security Context Profile include cryptographic keys and certificates, Secure Boot configuration, device security, application update process and policy, and device memory layout. By implementing foundation security measures such as encrypting the codebase and setting manufacturing limits, you can substantially reduce this risk. C-Trust is a security development tool that works as an extension to IAR Embedded Workbench and enables you to easily protect an existing or new application.

Key features

  • Enables every application developer to deliver secure, encrypted code
  • Security configuration profiles are easily imported without risk of being compromised
  • Ready-made Security Context Profiles for IP protection and Production control included
  • Correct security and encryption settings are automatically enforced, enabling application developers to focus on the functionality of the application 
  • The application code is automatically mastered and encrypted

Security Context Profiles

C-Trust enables you to use pre-defined Security Context Profiles, ensuring that you remain in control of system operation today, and into the future. Security Context Profiles define the configuration of the trusted execution environment. It is a description of the security environment that is required to protect your application. With C-Trust, developers are able to rapidly apply Security Context Profiles to application development, ensuring consistency and reducing development effort.

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Supported devices

In order to leverage different security and development needs, our security tools offer support for a range of devices, and more will be added.

STMicroelectronics Renesas Microchip NXP




Kinetis K22/K24
Kinetis KV56/KV58
Kinetis K64/K65/K66
i.MX RT1064

We are constantly updating our growing list of supported devices. If your device is not listed here, contact us to find out when your device will be supported.

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