Specification EW KickStart-SUA

Specification EW KickStart-SUA

Today there are two variants of free product editions for IAR Embedded Workbench; the Eval edition (time limited to 30 days) and the KickStart edition (code size limited). The Eval edition is only allowed to be used for evaluation and test, not for product development, whereas the KickStart edition is actually allowed to be used also for product development.

Support service is not included for any of these free editions. This means that if you need support for these products you will normally get no support at all, unless you have been qualified by IAR as a sales opportunity in which case you may get some (limited) pre-sales support.

To extend our service offering we now add the possibility for a KickStart user to sign up for a 12 months SUA. This means that the license will be properly registered, and you will be entitled to get support services, plus access to MyPages. As an extra benefit the license will be upgraded to 64K size limit (The ‘U’ in ‘SUA) for the entire SUA period. If you at the end of the SUA period decides not to prolong the SUA then access to support and MyPages will be withdrawn, and the code size limit will return to 32K.

Initially this offer will be valid only for EWARM-KS. Other KickStart products may be added at a later stage.


Specification KickStart-SUA:

  1. Initially valid only for EWARM-KS
  2. SUA can be signed for 12 months periods
  3. You will get access to IAR support services as long as the SUA is active
  4. You will get access to IAR MyPages as long as the SUA is active
  5. The code size limit will be increased from 32K to 64K during the entire SUA period
  6. The standard SUA and SLA agreements applies during the entire SUA period
  7. There is no discounted upgrade path from EWARM-KS to higher editions of EWARM
  8. Add-on products such as C-STAT and C-RUN cannot be applied
  9. For this product the PC-Locked license variant is the only available license variant. There are no Mobile, Network or Global licenses of the KickStart edition.



Price for EWARM-KS-SUA (yearly fee) in different currencies:

3,950 SEK                                                                   399 EUR
449 USD                                                                       350 GBP
52,000 JPY                                                                  525,000 KRW

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