Getting the least out of you professional RISC-V compiler

Getting the least out of you professional RISC-V compiler

Every developer needs their application to be fast, compact, and energy-friendly. This is easily accomplished if you use the right compiler and debugging tools (and use them effectively)! In this session, you will learn how to work with a professional compiler to find the optimal optimization balance between size and speed for your application and we will show you how to quickly measure the effects of optimization in your application. In addition, we will show you which coding constructs are safe from an optimization point-of-view, and which ones hamper optimization. We will also show how you can leverage the latest C18/C++17 additions to achieve fast and compact code.

This webinar is recommended for any developer willing to learn about efficient programming and especially for those starting a new project with RISC-V. We will show how to get the least out of the compiler for a successful project with the most popular RISC-V cores.

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