Secure Desktop Provisioner – Secure development and prototyping

Secure Desktop Provisioner (SDP) extends the normal development environment to encompass the generation, storage and provisioning of keys and other secrets for security aware devices. SDP offers support for a range of mainstream devices, and more are added continuously.

The Security from Inception Suite includes a powerful set of software and hardware tools as well as training to help your organization get the right level of security for your needs.

SDP has been added to the Security from Inception Suite, as a critical component, making it possible to securely transfer designs to a production environment to produce prototypes and first articles that can fully implement the designed security features.

Need to protect your software Intellectual Property (IP)? Worried about cloning and counterfeiting of your product?

Then watch our recorded webinar and learn how provisioning with SDP can address your security concerns!

Watch this recorded webinar

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