Static vs. real-time debugging

Static vs. Real-time debugging

Some bugs are elusive and painful: they only pop up sporadically and in complex circumstances, especially as the code expands and gets reused. When a bug manifests itself, we typically try a debug session and walk through the test case that we think will reproduce the issue. Sometimes we get lucky and can easily reproduce the problem. However, it might takes hours of effort and even longer if you need to find a certain combination to trigger the domino effect that makes the bug reveal itself.

In this webinar, we will explore the best practices when investigating bugs and use available functionality to understand static debugging which can help you identify problem areas more quickly. The compiler and linker are your first-pass static analysis tools and can provide clues to find and fix bugs. We will explore these capabilities and more to help you get back to developing your application.

This session will show you a hands-on experience of debugging your source code both statically and in real-time.


Why is code quality the key?

There are actually several reasons. During the rest of 2020, we will explore this even further together with you and guide through the different aspects of it.

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