List of all diagnostic messages

Technical Note 19785



10/16/2015 7:46 AM


IAR compilers can be forced to export a list of all diagnostic messages.


From command line

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Enter a command line with three parts.
    • First is a reference (for example the icc430.exe in IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430) to your compiler. (You might have to add the path to the location of the compiler.)
    • Second the option: --diagnostics_tables
    • Third a file name (for example messages.txt ) and here you can/must also add a path so that the file is created where you have permissions to create a file.

So the command line (without paths) looks like:

icc430.exe --diagnostics_tables messages.txt
  • The file messages.txt is created in the directory you have pointed out with the path.

In IAR Embedded Workbench

  • Open Project > Options > C/C++ compiler > Extra options
  • Enable the extra options
  • Enter this command line option:
  • --diagnostics_tables messages.txt
  • the file messages.txt is created in the project directory.
  • Remove the command line option, as otherwise the file is generated each time you compile a file.

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