I-jet MIPI20 - ARM20 adapter connection

Technical Note 36196



10/15/2015 1:56 PM


I-jet can not connect to target via MIPI20 - ARM20 adapter.

Possible solution

If the ARM20 connector on the target board is NOT keyed, you may need to connect the adapter "the other way around".


One model of the MIPI20 - ARM20 adapter has misleading pin assignments.

  • Pin 1 of the MIPI20 connector is marked on the top side of the adapter PCB.
  • Pin 1 of the ARM20 connector is marked on the bottom side of the adapter PCB.

MIPI20 pin 1 and ARM20 pin 1 are in opposite corners:

Photo showing the adapter; bottom view (ARM20) to the left and top view (MIPI20) to the right.


  • MIPI20 is the smaller connector
  • ARM20 is the bigger connector


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