Logging Flash Loader Activity

Technical Note 200214



3/11/2020 1:33 PM


This Technical Note describes how to log flash loader activity.


Follow these steps to create a flash loader log file:

  1. Create an empty file named flash0.trace in the project directory ($PROJ_DIR$), where the .ewp file resides.
  2. Choose Project > Download and Debug

You can now open the flash0.trace file to inspect the flash loader activity in the file 

Multiple flash*.trace files might be created depending on the number of flash loader passes (one file for each pass). However, you only need to create one flash0.trace.


To log flash loader activity, you can create a flash0.trace file in the project directory.

Under the section Debugging the flash loader in the flash loader guide found in $TOOLKIT_DIR$\doc\FlashLoaderGuide.ENU.pdf, you can read more about the prerequisites and inspect an example log file. 


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