Debug information and high optimization

Technical Note 62015



10/30/2015 2:11 PM


This Technical Note discusses which information in C-SPY that is reliable (and which is unreliable) at optimization level 'high'.


The optimization system in IAR C /C++ Compiler consists of different parts that aim to make as small and/or fast output as possible. When these parts are enabled, the debug information that the compiler generates become less and less reliable.

Reliable information...

...comes from C-SPY windows that shows information collected from the target system. For example the following windows:

  • Disassembly window 
  • Memory window
  • Register window
  • Stack window
  • Call Stack window

Reliable (most of the time) information

These windows are reliable most of the time, but any write might have been moved due to optimzations. That is, a write of a value might not have been done yet. This applies to for example the following windows:

  • Statics window
  • Symbolic Memory window
  • Symbols window

Unreliable information

C-SPY windows that shows information based on debug information becomes unreliable. For example the follwoing windows:

  • Watch window
  • Locals window
  • Auto window
  • Live Watch windows
  • Quick Watch window

More information

More information can be found in Help > C-SPY Debugging Guide, chapter "Effects of optimizations" and also Help > C/C++ Development Guide, chapter "Optimization Levels".


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