USB Host on IAR KickStart Kit for i.MX25

Technical Note 19097



10/22/2015 8:38 AM


USB Host does not work on IAR KickStart Kit for Freescale i.MX25.


There are two design errors in the USB Host connector:

  • The VBUS pin should be connected to the +5V power (either in red or pink).
  • The ID pin should be connected to GND (in light blue).


Connect the two pins as shown in the picture below. The picture shows two different ways to connect the power to the VBUS pin (in red and pink) and one way to connect GND to the ID pin (in light blue).

This correction is also described in the Getting Started Guide for IAR KickStart Kit for Freescale i.MX25, see the Software updates for starter kits page.


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