Message "LoadLibrary failed"

Technical Note 21536

78K, 8051, AVR, AVR32, M16C, SAM8


10/8/2015 8:18 AM


Sometimes, IAR Systems Embedded Workbench can't be started. This Technical Note focuses on one specific reason for this issue to occur. (Other reasons are discussed in Technical Note 68527).


IAR Systems Embedded Workbench does not start and gives an error message:

Failed to load the component "<PATH>\bin\filename.dll"
The file may be missing or corrupt.
More info: "LoadLibrary failed".

Why is this happening?

In July 2009 Microsoft distributed a windows update "Security Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (KB971090)". All DLL files built by IAR Systems since the release of that service pack needs updated Visual Studio run-time libraries to be installed in order to function correctly.

This problem has been found for

  • 78K: The patch C-SPY emulator driver 4.62.4 applied on version 4.62
  • 8051: The patch Nordic nRFgo debugger driver applied on version 7.51A
  • 8051: The patch TI debugger driver applied on version 7.51A
  • AVR: The patch XMEGA 5.30.5 applied on version 5.30
  • AVR32: The patch data breakpoints 3.20C applied on version 3.20A
  • M16C: The patch 3.40.4 or newer applied on version 3.40
  • SAM8: The patch SAM8PROC 3.10E applied on version 3.10A
  • SAM8: The patch USB driver for i2000 emulator applied on version 3.10A

It can happen for other patches as well. The above is a list of those we are aware of.

How to solve the problem

Go via the link Microsoft knowledgebase KB973544 article to download and run the file vcredist_x86.exe (for a 32-bit OS) or vcredist_x64.exe (for a 64-bit OS).

Installing vcredist on localized Vista

We have had reports of problems installing vcredist (6.0.2900.2180) on localized Windows Vista. Installing the windows updates available has solved such problems.

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