Registration and HTTPS communication

Technical Note 95430



10/12/2015 1:52 PM


The following error is shown when the registration of IAR Embedded Workbench is performed:



The license tools tries to communicate using SOAP over HTTPS (port 443) and this fails.


Try to do an Offline Activation, see instructions in the Licensing Guide.

<installation directory>\common\doc\EW_LicensingGuide_LMS2.ENU.pdf

Applies to

This information applies to customers using the 'IAR License Server Tools' to share licenses over a network.
This Technical Note applies to you, if you are using any of the following product(s) with the mentioned versions (or later).

Product Version Product Version Product Version Product Version
8051 8.11 V850 3.81 RL78 1.20 RX 2.40
430 5.51 R32C 1.40 78K 4.80 ARM 6.50
AVR 6.20 STM8 1.40 RH850 1.10 CR16C 3.20
M16C 3.60 AVR32 4.20 SH 2.30 visualSTATE 7.2
HCS12 4.10            


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