Solving situation when compilation fails, dongle is detected (LMS1)

Technical Note 73500



10/2/2015 12:03 PM


This Technical Note describes the actions to take when compilation fails, but the dongle is detected by the License Manager.

This Technical Note applies to IAR System products that uses License Management System version 1 (LMS1).


Sometimes the IAR C/C++ compiler fails with a Copy-Protection 'no license was found' message, but still the IAR License Manager (LMS1) recognizes the USB dongle and shows a 'Dongle ok' message.

Solve the situation by taking the following steps:

  • Remove the USB dongle(s) from your PC.
  • .
  • Uninstall all old dongle drivers (Sentinel, SafeNet, and/or Rainbow). Do this from the 'Add/Remove Programs' tool in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Install the latest Sentinel SuperPro drivers described in Technical Note 62867 with custom settings. Make sure that only the USB dongle driver is installed. (See pictures.)
  • Install the latest (LMS1) version of the License Manager from Technical Note 14255.
  • Note: If the License Manager installed is version 1.29.1, it needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Restart your PC. After Microsoft Windows has started, insert the USB dongle.


The suggestions can be summarized as:

  • Uninstall all dongle drivers.
  • Install the latest dongle driver, and install only the part for USB dongles.
  • Then install (or reinstall) the latest (LMS1) version of the License Manager.

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