Managing License Server version 1

Technical Note 89837



11/3/2015 11:39 AM


This Technical Note applies to IAR Embedded Workbench products that use the License Managment System version 1 (LMS1). The following information can be used for management and/or troubleshooting the License Server version 1.

A) The version of the IAR License Server application... found in Properties for the lservnt.exe application:

B) How to start/stop the IAR License Server application

The minimal application loadls.exe can be used for starting/stopping the service. 

C) Managing of the service of the IAR License Server application...

... can also be done in Windows Administrative Tools > Services. 

D) The version of the Dongle Driver...

... can be useful to investigate, to see that the driver is up-to-date. 

E) Fetching the license file...

...from a server computer can be useful in when requesting technical support. The file lservrc is then fetched from the path C:\Program Files\Common Files\IAR Systems\License\Server 


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