Sudden loss of users in License Server version 1

Technical Note 26936



11/3/2015 12:10 PM


Suddenly the maximum number of licenses/users drops in the License Server. Note, this only occurs with License Management System version 1 (LMS1).


The LMS1 license server has an unwanted behaviour. It is triggered in this manner:

  • A user installs an "LMS1" IAR Embedded Workbench product and/or an update on a Client computer. A license number and license key is requested. (Note: at every installation, the license number and license key are saved on the client computer for future installations).
  • If the license is a network license, the Client computer will now contact the License Server computer.
  • If the license key (entered on the Client computer) does not match the currently used network license key (on the License Server computer), it is seen as a NEW network license key by the License Server application.
  • The NEW license key is now taken into use by the License Server.
  • The NEW license key might have been configured to have less number of users than the previous license key.
  • Now, the maximum number of licenses/users have been reduced on the License Server.


First action(s) - to get correct number of licenses/users:

  • Open IAR License Manager version 1.xx on the License Server computer.
  • Select menu: License > "Install..."
  • In the "License Key"-text-field, paste the license key with the correct number of users/licenses.
  • Click the "Install"-button.
  • Close IAR License Manager.
  • This will add the correct number of licenses, until this behaviour is triggered again from a Client Computer (possibly using the previously saved license key information).

Actions to avoid it in the future:

The following actions can (in the long run) avoid it to reoccur:

  • On the Server Computer, try to write-protect the file lservrc. That plain-text file holds the network license keys. The file is found in the directory where the IAR License Server application is installed. (Please note - that directory is most likely protected by the Microsoft Windows UAC - User Access Control).
  • Inform all users - that whenever installing IAR Embedded Workbench, remove any suggested "older-and-smaller" network license key, and in the applicable text-box paste the "present-and-larger" network license key.


All of the above are only workarounds for this unwanted behaviour. The problem does not exist in License Management System version 2 (LMS2).


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