Using a Virtual computer

Technical Note 64092

8051, RL78, RX, V850


1/28/2015 2:53 PM


A Virtual Computer can be used for modern IAR Embedded Workbench versions. This tech note covers some older versions where Virtual Computer cannot be used.


My IAR Systems product fail to build on a Virtual Computer.

This limitation applies too

These IAR Embedded Workbench versions are affected by this limitation:
8051 8.11 - - RL78 1.20 - - RX 2.40 - - V850 3.81

Explanation (Dongle)

When using any of the mentioned product versions with on a Virtual Computer, then a dongle must be used.
The dongle requirement applies to stand-alone licenses. The requirement don't apply to the 'IAR License Server Tools' if it is updated to version 2.12 (or later).

Later versions

In later versions it is possible to 'lock to hardware' in a Virtual Computer.

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