Creating an absolutely placed, checksum-protected library

Technical Note 71483



9/9/2015 6:18 AM


This Technical Note shows how to create an absolutely placed library (functions and data), that can be integrity-checked using a checksum.

Applies to

This Technical Note applies to IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM. And it focuses on the Cortex-M core.


The idea is that the library can be separately verified and possibly certified once, and later on used by other applications. The library is compiled and linked in a separate Embedded Workbench project.

The output is one ordinary ELF (or HEX) file, and one output file containing the exported symbols. The symbols are exported using the “isymexport“-tool, described in the C/C++ Development Guide, chapter “The IAR Absolute Symbol Exporter - isymexport”.


See the pdf document Creating an absolutely placed library and the example project Example project (IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 6.30.7)


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