What are P1, P2, A1, A2 in the .map file?

Technical Note 80159



10/20/2015 8:11 AM


P1, P2, A1, A2 etc in the .map file are symbolic names given by IAR ILINK Linker to the different memory areas where the linked output is placed.

The "A#" stands for a memory area where the contents are absolutely placed.
The command lines in the .icf file looks like:

place at { address memory: ...
place at { start of ...
place at { end of ...

The "P#" stands for placement of sections and blocks in a specific region. The sections and blocks will be placed in the region in an arbitrary order.
The command lines in the .icf file looks like:

place in ...

You can override the default symbolic names given by ILINK. Just add you own name before a place directive, for example:

place in ROM_region { ... };
place in RAM_region { ... };

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