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Upcoming events 2019

May 22-24 Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama, Japan
June 11-13  RISC-V Workshop  Zürich
June 12-13  NXP Connect  Santa Clara, CA
June 25 Security Bootcamp at Embedded Tech Expo San José, CA
Aug 5-10 Microchip Masters Phoenix, AZ
Sep 12 ST DevCon Santa Clara, CA
Oct 8-10 Arm TechCon  San José, CA
Nov 5-6 ESC Kista  Kista, Sweden
Nov 20-22 ET and IoT Technology Yokohama, Japan
Nov 26 IoT SF Conference London
Dec 2-6 ESE Sindelfingen Sindelfingen, Germany

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Interview with Stefan Skarin at Arm TechCon 2018

Embedded Computing Design’s Rich Nass talks to our CEO Stefan Skarin about code quality, starting with the question "With all the great tools available to a developer, why is code quality still an issue?"

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