Product overview

Total tools

Our customers build the technology for a new world. We supply the tools to make it happen.
One toolbox, one view, one uninterrupted workflow. As simple as that.

IAR Embedded Workbench

You spend days, weeks, or even months, perfecting the code that will get your application off the ground and make your product a success. Trust our tools to meet your high standards by making your code even faster, smaller, and smarter while ensuring robustness and high quality. Trust our team to guide you in creating fast, safe and power-efficient applications ensuring that your products can be delivered to the market on schedule, and on target.

Safety certification

Functional safety is one of the most important features in many embedded systems today, especially within sectors such as automotive, industrial automation and medical. High-integrity standards frequently require you to provide extensive justification for selecting a particular development tool, unless the tool is already certified. The proof of compliance for the tools increases cost and time of development. 

Embedded Trust and C-Trust

What’s your state of security? Wherever you are today, you can take measures to make the security of your product more straightforward, scalable and sustainable. We’ll show you how!

Code analysis

How can you get in control of every single line of code? Let our smart analysis tools take care of it for you! Completely integrated, to make your day easier.

Debugging and trace probes

Integrated tools simplify your development workflow. Our feature-rich in-circuit debugging probes enable powerful features in IAR Embedded Workbench.

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