Compliance Suite

A shrink-wrapped security solution for organizations to ensure security legislation compliance in IoT applications.


Rapid development of security-compliant products

Compliance Suite helps you to rapidly develop applications that are compliant with IoT security legislation.


Security tools

Compliance suite includes a Preconfigured Security Context and Secure Boot Manager specifically designed for a specific MCU family, as well as the security extension C-Trust and the static analysis tool C-STAT.


Practical guidance

Compliance Suite delivers a package of courses with hands-on guides led by Secure Thingz' in-house security experts.


Ensure compliance with evolving standards and requirements

Compliance Suite will help you to comply with IoT security legislation, such as the Consumer IoT security standard EN 303 645.

Evolving IoT security legislation

The Consumer IoT Security Standard EN 303 645, based on the 13 Best Practices Guidelines evolved by the IoT Security Foundation and UK Government, is widely regarded as the security benchmark for Consumer IoT. Both the standard and the guidelines contain core requirements for applications, which developers should achieve. Compliance Suite enables you to rapidly build applications with these core requirements included.

Compliance Suite enables you to rapidly build applications with these core requirements included.

As a founding member of the IoT Security Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving security excellence, Secure Thingz has been involved in the creation of best practices, compliance and vulnerability disclosure for over 5 years. 


What are the 13 Best Practices?

  • Defined by the IoT Security Foundation
  • Adopted by the UK Government
  • Adopted by the EU in ETSI EN 303 645
  • Supported by US Cybersecurity Improvement Act

Editions of Compliance Suite

Our Compliance Suite offering is customized based on the microcontroller family used in an application. Currently, we provide the following:

Want to know more about this product?

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