IoT security

Consumers are increasingly expecting more information and more connectivity for their electronics products. Whether its connected wearables, gadgets, toys or healthcare devices, all have their own challenges as far as security is concerned.

Not only do you have to ensure that your products conform to data privacy and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation, but you’ll also need to evolve as new business models evolve. For example, products may be delivered as a service rather than owned. In this case, how do you manage updates, how do you authenticate, and hand over product ownership to new users?

More importantly, how can you push out updates to a product without the consumer having to understand or know how to do it, while respecting their privacy and maintaining security?

Even with connected consumer electronics, security must be designed in from inception, but the difference from other use cases is that the updates and authentication are totally transparent to the end-user. They just need to know their data on the device is secure and private.

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