Secure Thingz and IAR Systems

Making IoT security simple & scalable

A partnership for a more secure Internet of Things

Securing the Internet of Things from development to deployment is critical to enable the Big Data revolution that powers our world. Whether it is to maintain privacy, enable critical infrastructure, or manage the lifecycle of our devices, scalable security is the foundation on which valuable services must be built. Our partnership with Secure Thingz makes this happen.

Secure Thingz delivers products and services for the development, deployment and management of next-generation, secure devices. We are partnering with Secure Thingz to simplify the integration of application security from the point of inception. Only this approach ensures the confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation required for connected devices. This secure flow safeguards how high-value intellectual property is managed, and enables enterprises to define the new business models that will power our future.

IoT security needs to be simple and scalable

  • Enabling security from Development to Deployment
  • Facilitating the Supply Chain of Trust
  • Simplifing security development, reducing costs and speeding trustworthy products to market
  • Enabling enhanced device identity and trust that underpin Big Data analytics
  • Delivering device lifecycle management solutions for lower lifetime costs

Want to know more?

I am Anders Holmberg, Director of Corporate Development at IAR Systems, and I am here to answer your questions about this partnership.

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