IAR Eclipse 插件

IAR Eclipse plugins 是由 IAR Systems 免费提供的插件。

我们完全集成的 Eclipse 插件通过提供编译器和构建工具以及完全集成我们的 C-SPY 调试器来扩展 IDE 的功能。由于 Eclipse 插件使用 IAR Embedded Workbench 构建工具,因此生成的代码与 IAR Embedded Workbench 一样可靠且具有相同的高质量。

该集成允许在 Eclipse IDE 中使用我们的高级调试技术。

Key features

  • IAR C/C++ Compiler, IAR Assembler, and IAR ILINK Linker
  • IAR C-SPY Debugger (replaces the GDB-based debugger that is standard with Eclipse CDT)
  • Project import functionality
  • Advanced trace features
  • Instruction set simulator
  • All standard Eclipse CDT features

Build tool plugins for other architectures

For selected architectures, we provide build tool plugins. They allow the IAR C/C++ Compiler, Assembler and Linker to be run from within Eclipse. Code generated by the build tools can be debugged using the GDB-based Eclipse debugger or by using our C-SPY Debugger outside of Eclipse.

  • Eclipse CDT integration
  • IAR C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker
  • C and C++ Libraries
  • Parsing of error messages
  • Options settings from Eclipse

The build tool plugins are available for the following architectures:

  • Texas Instruments MSP430
  • Renesas R32C
  • Renesas V850
  • Renesas RH850
  • Renesas RL78
  • Renesas RX
  • Renesas 78K 
  • STMicroelectronics STM8

Download and Install IAR Eclipse plugins

Instructions for downloading and installing the IAR Eclipse plugins are provided directly from IAR Eclipse plugin update site.

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