IAR Eclipse plugins

The IAR Eclipse plugins are provided free-of-charge by IAR. They enhance a standard instance of the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers to take direct advantage of the high quality IAR build toolchains alongside the advanced features provided by their respective debuggers from an existing IAR Embedded Workbench or IAR Build Tools installation, for the supported target architectures.

Key features

  • Project management & IDE

    • Projects are managed by the built-in features from the Eclipse CDT
    • IAR Embedded Workbench project (.ewp) importer
    • IAR Project Options configuration
    • IAR Embedded Workbench Plugins Manager
  • Build toolchain support

    • IAR C/C++ Compiler
    • IAR Assembler
    • IAR ILINK Linker
    • Parsing of error messages
  • IAR C-SPY Debugger support

    • Native support to the state-of-art debugger
    • Instruction set simulator
    • Advanced trace features

Supported target architectures

Eclipse plugins are available for the following target architectures:


Target Architecture

Project Managment and IDE

Build Toolchain Support

C-SPY Debugger Support

Texas Instruments MSP430  
STMicroelectronics STM8  
Renesas RH850  
Renesas RL78  
Renesas RX  
Renesas V850  
Renesas R32C  
Renesas 78K  

Executables built with debug information for the target architectures in which their respective plugin does not provide IAR C-SPY Debugger support can be debugged:

System requirements

In order to take advantage of the IAR Eclipse plugins, the following software components must be installed:

For detailed system requirements refer to the IAR Eclipse plugin update site.

Download and Install IAR Eclipse plugins

Instructions for downloading and installing the IAR Eclipse plugins are provided directly from IAR Eclipse plugin update site.

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