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IAR is the world’s leading provider of software for the programming of processors in embedded systems and a supplier of advanced security solutions with a focus on IoT. Together, we provide the solutions required to create the necessary security and assured quality in the development of the digital products of today and the innovations of tomorrow.


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times a day you interact with a product made by one of our customers

The average person interact with our customers' products at least 30 times a day. It is through our focus on the small that we make the big work.


offices around the world

We have over 200 employees in 13 offices on 3 continents. Our headquarters are located in Uppsala, Sweden, where everything started back in 1983.


percent global market share

The mix of our dedicated team and our superior technology has crafted a unique market position with a global market share of approximately 50 percent.


About IAR System Group

Mission, Targets and Strategy

Our mission is to bring value to a wide variety of industries and offer proprietary software for embedded systems development. We continuously invest in innovation and development, so that we can offer our customers technological independence in a rapidly evolving environment.

About IAR Systems Group

Corporate governance

The Corporate Governance of IAR Systems Group

IAR Systems Group is a Swedish public limited company domiciled in Stockholm, Sweden. The IAR share is quoted on the Mid cap list of NASDAQ Stockholm. Read our Corporate governance report, find information about our annual general meeting or look into our board of Directors.

Corporate governance