Securing the Digital Transformation

Delve into how security influences product development, regulatory compliance, and market positioning. Uncover the profound impact of embedded security within our latest white papers provided below.

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Getting Serious About Embedded Security

Everyone seems to be talking about security, but the real question is: what are they doing about it?

It’s very easy to find articles concerning security that have little (if anything) actionable. In this white paper, our primary objective is to define a foundational set of security goals that every embedded development organization should aspire to achieve.

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White Paper

Economic Factors of Embedded Security Neglect

As industries embrace digitalization and integrate AI technologies, consumer devices, and industrial machines become increasingly intelligent and automated.

Despite the prevailing belief among executives that cyber risks have intensified due to the acceleration of digital transformation, a concerning trend persists – the neglect of security, particularly in device products, by numerous companies.

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White Paper

Addressing the Security Elephant in the room

Security is transforming the way organizations develop and produce their products. With legislation driving the need for compliance, companies must meet challenging new regulations. However, this inflection point also brings opportunities to differentiate products and brands, improve production flows, and explore further market routes.

Read more on the importance of addressing security concerns in embedded systems, providing insights into improving security practices.

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