Deltaco founder Siamak Alian become CEO of Deltaco AB

Deltaco founder Siamak Alian become CEO of Deltaco AB, the parent company of Deltaco Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of Intoi.  Siamak has over 20 years been a driving force to build up Deltaco into a successful distributor of IT products and profitability every year since its start. The fact that Siamak become CEO of Deltaco AB strengthens the company that is distributed to shareholders Intois and will be listed on First North in the spring.

Siamak Alian was born in 1961 and founded Deltaco 1991.  Siamak has been CEO for many years and since September 2010 purchasing manager and member of the team in SweDeltaco AB.  Siamak has a degree in physics. Ali Motazedi remains CEO of SweDeltaco AB, a subsidiary of the Deltaco-group.

Stefan Ström, chief financial officer at Intoi, acting CEO of Deltaco AB for the listing process.  Stefans work at Deltaco is now closed.

Deltaco has been owned by Intoi since 2005.   Deltaco is  distributed to Intois shareholders and are admitted to trading on First North during the first half of the second quarter. Prior to this, the company will publish an Company Description at ( and


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