IAR Systems®—the only tool vendor to support over 2000 ARM® devices

Unprecedentedly broad support provides unique opportunities for standardization

Embedded World, Nuremberg, Germany—February 28, 2012— IAR Systems® now supports more than 2000 ARM® devices, which is more than any other embedded development tools vendor. The world’s broadest support for ARM MCUs gives IAR Systems customers a unique freedom to select virtually any available ARM processor on the market and use the same development tools.

IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM is a suite of highly sophisticated and easy-to-use development tools providing a seamlessly integrated environment for building and debugging embedded applications. During the last year, IAR Systems has launched several major feature enhancements for this flagship product. The comprehensive list of enhancements includes major features like stack usage analysis, a vastly improved inline assembler, advancements in the innovative power debugging technology, Eclipse and Subversion integration, performance improvements, and support for ARM Cortex™-A5, A8, and A9.

On the list of newly supported processors you’ll find a large number of devices based on ARM Cortex cores, for example the i.MX50 family from Freescale Semiconductor, the XMC4500 microcontrollers from Infineon Technologies, the LPC4350 from NXP Semiconductors, the STM32L15x from STMicroelectronics, and the AM335x, F28M35x, and RM48x families from Texas Instruments.

By standardizing on IAR Systems' tools, customers can vastly improve efficiency and time to market for new products. To standardize development on one tool suite provides freedom when choosing hardware and silicon vendors, enables reuse of code across projects, and reduces costs for training, maintenance, and managing of licenses.

“We are determined to continue to provide powerful and user-friendly development tools,” says Petter Edman, CTO, IAR Systems. “It has been a hectic year for our ARM development team, and the list of new features that we have provided in the last 12 months is outstanding. To be on the front line, supporting new ARM processors as they hit the market, is just another example of our commitment to ARM’s current and future product roadmap.”

More information about IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM is available at www.iar.com/ewarm.

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