Management team

The Management team of IAR Systems Group

Richard Lind, CEO, IAR

Born in: 1964.
Education: IHM Business School and several internal training programs at Microsoft. Microsoft/Wharton internal MBA program. Employment and other board assignments: Richard is Chairman of Flowmotion AB and has a number of advisory assignments for such companies as Innovation Strategy Forum, Intphiz AB, DePalma Workwear, and PerformanceSK8.
Work experience: Richard has extensive experience in the technology sector after serving in various senior positions, both internationally and in Sweden, at companies such as Microsoft for the past 18 years, most recently as CTO with responsibility for the Internet of Things.

Shareholding: 15,000 class B shares (May 5, 2023)

Independent in relation to the company and management.
Independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders.


Anders Holmberg, Chief Technology Officer, IAR

Born in: 1967.
Education: BSc in mathematics and computer science from Uppsala University.
Work experience: Anders Holmberg has worked at IAR Systems for 21 years. He has a background in numerical analysis and started his career working on parallel computers and supercomputers during the early 1990s. Since then, he has worked as a university lecturer, technical consultant, C/C++ developer and development manager. Over the past ten years, Anders has focused on advanced tools for developing embedded systems.

Shareholding: No holdings (February 28, 2023). 


Ann Zetterberg, CFO,  I.A.R. Systems Group

Born in: 1967.

Education: Ann has a Bsc in business administration from Stockholm University.
Work experience: Ann has over 20 years of CFO experience, including several roles in the technology start-up sectors and within non-profit as CFO for the Swedish Hunters Association. She also has half a decade in private equity as CFO for Accent Equity Partners. Her most recent role was as CFO with First North listed med-tech company Brighter. Her board experience is mainly in mining, as Director of the board for Endomines and Chairman of the board for Copperstone Resources.

Shareholding: 1,076 class B shares (February 28, 2023)


Kiyo Uemura, Area Vice President APAC

Born in: 1969.
Education: School of Commerce, Waseda University.
Work experience: Kiyo has more than 25 years of experience in the embedded system market, including hardware, and software business. During the last 20 years at IAR, Kiyo has launched IAR Japan, IAR Korea, and IAR Taiwan.

Shareholding: No holdings (February 28, 2023)


Johanna Frödevik, Global Customer Success Lead, IAR

Born in: 1986.
Education: High school education in Hotel and Tourism.
Work experience: Johanna has worked at IAR Systems for 5 years. She has 15+ years of work experience in various customer service-focused roles.

Shareholding: No holdings (February 28, 2023)


Peter Johansson, VP Engineering, IAR Embedded Development Solutions

Born in: 1973.
Education: BSc in embedded real-time systems from Mälardalen University
Work experience: Peter has more than 25 years of experience in the embedded systems domain. He has worked with telecommunications, robotics, network management systems, train control management systems and industrial data communications before joining IAR Systems.

Shareholding: No holdings (February 28, 2023)


Jesper Rydåker, CMCO, IAR

Born in: 1970.
Education: Diplomas, Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School, Kellogg School of Management, Stockholm School of Economics.
Work experience: Jesper has more than 20 years of experience in marketing & communications. He has worked for several multinational companies that deliver software and services. Jesper also holds experience from the agency side, designing and delivering marketing solutions, mainly to large accounts in the B2B segment.

Shareholding: No holdings (February 28, 2023)


Tim Woodruff, VP Engineering, IAR Embedded Security Solutions

Born: 1965.
Education: BSc In Micro-electronics and Computing, MBA.
Other professional qualifications: UK Chartered Engineer.
Work experience: Tim Woodruff has over 35 years of experience in developing systems including highly embedded components.  Tim has been with IAR for 5+ years.  Tim has been responsible for all engineering activities in IAR Embedded Security Solutions for the last three years.

Shareholding: 4558 class B shares (February 28, 2023)
Warrant holding: 1961 stock options (February 28, 2023)


Dannielle Iversen, Area Vice President, IAR

Born in: 1986
Education: BS.b.a. concentrating on business economics and information technology management from California State University
Work experience: Dannielle has been with IAR Systems for 13 years. She has worked globally, leading business operations, sales enablement and customer service. More so recently, she has led the Americas division.

Shareholding: No holdings (February 28, 2023)


Guillaume Boucher,  EMEA Regional Director, IAR

Born in: 1975
Education: BTEC Higher National Diploma in computer science for Industry.
Work experience: Guillaume has worked at IAR since 2013. Guillaume has 20+ years of experience in the embedded systems domain in different roles, Technical Support, FAE, Business development, Account Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

Shareholding: No holdings (February 28, 2023)


Emilia Waldenvik, CHRO, IAR

Born in: 1993.
Education: BSc in HR and Working Life from Uppsala University.
Work experience: Emilia has many years of experience in personnel matters in HR roles from various types of companies.

Shareholding: No holdings (May 12, 2023)

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