The project 'proj_name' contains the unknown tool 'Coder'

Technical Note 47528


78K, ARM, V850




2018/2/8 6:14


Every time a specific project is opened, my IAR Embedded Workbench shows this message:

The project 'proj_name' contains the unknown tool 'Coder'.


The project has a reference to a tool from the visualSTATE toolchain. This tool is used for build integration between visualSTATE and IAR Embedded Workbench.

The project has been created with an IAR Embedded Workbench IDE where visualSTATE is also installed. References has been added for the visualSTATE Coder tool to the IAR Embedded Workbench project file. When using the project in a PC / installation where visualSTATE is not installed, the alert occurs as the tool is missing.

Details on reasons for the alert

One reason for getting the alert is that the project has recently been migrated from an older IAR Embedded Workbench version, where you had the visualSTATE Demo installed. In your newer installation of IAR Embedded Workbench, you have not installed the visualSTATE Demo, thus the alert is shown.

Another reason it that your company has a visualSTATE license on one PC, and moving projects to other PCs will also give this alert.

How to remove the alert

  • Close the project in IAR Embedded Workbench.
  • You need to edit the .ewp (project) file, so open the file with a text editor or an xml editor.
  • Search for the string: coder
    • Mark the lines surrounding the line found with coder and mark out to the surrounding pair of lines with <settings> and </settings>
    • These lines should now be marked. Delete them.
    • <settings>
    • Search again for the string: coder (there will be one line for each configuration in the project.) and repeat the above two steps.
  • Search one extra time to make sure no reference remains for coder .
  • Save and close the .ewp file.
  • You can now reopen the project in IAR Embedded Workbench, and the alert will not occur.

Second workaround (on new PC)

Install visualSTATE before you install IAR Embedded Workbench, then the message should not occur, but automatic build integration between visualSTATE and Embedded Workbench will also not work.

Third workaround

Since IAR Embedded Workbench for for ARM version 6.70.1, the message "unknown tool" is not displayed, even if visualSTATE is not installed.


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