(LMS1) Handling loss of users in License Server version 1

Technical Note 26936






2020/11/10 7:51

Note: - This applies to legacy versions of IAR Embedded Workbench (2013 and older) which used License Management System version 1 (LMS1).


The maximum number of licenses/users might drop in the License Server. This Technical Note explains how to correct this, and how to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Note: This issue can only occur with the LMS1 License Server.


In the following you will get, the reason for the loss of maximum number of users, and the actions to handle this situation.


The LMS1 license server has an unwanted behavior. This is how it triggers:

  1. The user uses a network license.
  2. The user installs an IAR Embedded Workbench legacy version (2013 and older) which uses LMS1, and/or does an update on a client computer. The user enters the network license number and a license key.
  3. As the license is a network license, the client computer contacts the License Server computer.
  4. When the license key entered does not match the license key currently in use on the License Server computer, this happens.
    1. The License Server application regards the license key entered as a 'new' license key.
    2. The License Server takes in use this 'new' license key.
    3. If this 'new' license key has fewer number of users allowed than the previous license key, the maximum number of licenses/users is reduced on the License Server

Actions to solve the loss of users

  1. Open IAR License Manager 1.x on the License Server computer.
  2. Click License>Install.
  3. In the License Key field, type the license key with the correct maximum number of users/licenses.
  4. Click the Install button.
  5. Close IAR License Manager 1.x.

This will adopt the correct number of licenses/users. This issue can be triggered again from a client computer, for example, a client computer using a previously saved license key.

From now on

When installing a legacy version of the IAR Embedded Workbench (2013 and older), dont use any "older-and-smaller" network license key, and make sure to enter the "current-and-larger" network license key.


When the user installs a legacy version of IAR Embedded Workbench (2013 and older), make sure to supply the user with the correct permanent license key.

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