IAR Systems Group Year-end Report 2011: Record sales and doubled profit

 Uppsala, February 6, 2012

  • Net sales of SEK 200.4m (177.9), of which SEK 57.5m (48.0) in the fourth quarter 
  • Operating profit of SEK 24.0m (11.9), of which SEK 7.7m (2.2) in the fourth quarter 
  • Profit before tax of SEK 24.1m (11.9), of which SEK 7.7m (2.1) in the fourth quarter 
  • Operating margin of 12.0% (6.7) for the full year and 13.4% (4.6) for the fourth quarter 
  • Cash flow from operating activities of SEK 34.8m (13.8), of which SEK 13.2m (5.4) in the fourth quarter, and net cash of SEK 34.5m (12.8) at year-end 2011
  • Earnings per share, calculated on profit from continuing operations, of SEK 2.44 (1.08) for the full year and SEK 0.96 (0.19) for the fourth quarter
  • In local currency, net sales for the full year rose by 25% in the USA, 17% in Europe and 34% in Asia
  • The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 1.00 (-) per share

2011 was a fantastic year of growth, improved earnings and enhancement of our offering. In 2011 we found a way to capitalize on our long history of independence, our expertise, our products and our global presence,” says Stefan Skarin, President and CEO of IAR Systems AB.

The english Year-end-report is a translation of the Swedish original. In event of discrepancy between the English translation and the Swedish original,  the original Swedish version shall prevail.

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