Green dongle connected to USB-to-Parallel port converter

Technical Note 36690






2020/10/19 8:52


This text is applicable for products that uses Activator M hardware locks. (That is, small "dongles" that connects to a Parallel port. This type of dongle has a green plastic housing).


The green dongle is not used in the current (supported) products. Green dongles were replaced by other dongles in 2001 (and onwards).


The driver does not find the green dongle.

Possible action

The green dongle is a quite simple parallel port device, so the settings for the driver (that drives the USB-to-Parallel port converter) can be tested to be:

  • Test to set the 'emulated' parallel port to different types of parallel port.
  • Try with different addresses for the 'emulated' parallel port. (The classical addresses are 0x378 and 0x278.)
  • And use the suggestions in the main Technical Note 98236.


  • We at IAR are interested to know if you can get a USB-to-Parallel port converter to work with a green dongle. If so, please inform us, so that we can improve this Technical Note.
  • The latest (made 1998) version of the driver is available in the Download driver link in Technical Note 98236.

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