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Authenticity: How to ensure product ownership and integrity

Join this session and experience how to implement a secure boot mechanism that will successfully ensure that downloaded data and firmware are authentic, prevent hacked firmware from being installed, and establish a secure and authenticated communication path.

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Active IP protection: Stopping reverse engineering from the root

To prevent this from the root, the software image must be encrypted on flash, decrypted dynamically, also locked and unique encryption keys generated for the device managed properly.

Additionally, one additional weapon available to developers and security teams in the war against application piracy and other malicious acts is source code and data obfuscation.

Experience mitigations and prevention techniques to stop reverse engineering on your newly designed embedded products.

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Anti-rollback: Avoiding the dangers of outdated firmware

The anti-rollback feature makes it possible for developers to prevent the installation of signed code that is older than the current firmware version.

Join this session and learn how to implement in a few steps the anti-rollback mechanism to prevent attacks from happening by making sure earlier versions of the firmware cannot be loaded by people with malicious intent.

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Anti-cloning: Preventing the risk of unwanted product copies

How to protect the software IPs (Intellectual Property)? How to prevent device cloning in the production stage? How to identify counterfeit devices?

Join this session and experience how to easily implement a mechanism that ensures that programmed information (data or code) to a device can only be decoded by the device using unique properties of the device itself, for example, serial numbers or dedicated hardware properties.

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